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Zeroombra is a young developing Italian company, which is a part of the association Zeroombra-Effusione. The main feature of the products by Zeroombra is an extraordinary look.
The choice of factory’s goods consists of different chandeliers, ceiling and table lamps, standard lamps and sconces. The company's products are in the middle price segment and can be an excellent choice for the decoration of different contemporary interiors.

By the production Zeroombra uses such materials as polymers, wood, metal, glass. As the light sources in devices by Zeroombra there are used only LEDs. The products Zeroombra go well with a nursery, or they’ll perfectly decorate a cabinet and a library, they can also add some originality to the interior and show good taste of their owners.

Zeroombra products are of high quality and ecologically pure. These lamps are stylish; they are bright and original, and completely safe for both human health and the environment.