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Since 1988 company works in the light business being from the beginning successfully inside and outside the country. VetriLamp has always been focused on the market demands and the style changes during the years, adapting its production to the market changes and preserving the classic style of its products.

VetriLamp never changed during the years. That guarantees a high professionalism, specialization, experience for the creation and production of chandeliers. In the last years the market rewarded VetriLamp opening new frontiers in Europe and re-establishing the old oversea relationships. The passion, the tenacity are feelings that guide VetriLamp since twenty years…
The Vetrilamp product wants to answer to the precise and varied requests of the customer.

VetriLamp articles fit in different ambient: classic, modern, small, big, sober, elegant, ethnic, minimalist. VetriLamp can modify and adapt the colours, dimensions and shapes of products in catalogue. Company is particularly interested in the quality of the glass, in the electric components (EC certified), in the metal parts of the chandeliers.
Only the mix of these features gives value to VetriLamp chandeliers.