Italian factory Sylcom, founded in 1965, is known as a manufacturer of high quality lighting devices of Murano glass and with reasonable prices. Besides, the company offers a wide range of products - from chandeliers, floor lamps and wall lamps to ceiling lights and table lamps.

Sylcom factory is in constant development: for just two years the thickness of the catalog has increased twice. Sylcom creates classic Italian chandeliers of Murano glass, using the experience and skills of Venetian glassblowers, adding new shades of colours to the traditional forms. Such experiments the interior designers find quite successful.

Using the best quality materials is an outstanding feature of production Sylcom. The company constantly tries to meet all requirements, needs and wishes of its customers. Years of experience in this field allow the factory to offer different products and services, including the special orders according to the exact requirements of the client.

Timeliness, flexibility, ability to feel and interpret market trends are the main features of the company Sylcom. It makes all the products by its own in order to have a guaranteed quality.
Through a combination of designer research and skills of professionals as well as a harmonious relationship between designers and craftsmen, the company's products are really exclusive.