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Slamp first took off in 1994, when Roberto Ziliani decided to create something entirely new in the Italian design world, uniting some of the top international designers such as Mendini, Cibic, Dalisi, Garro and Munari: together, they created the “Slamp Tube” in its range of graphic versions. This was the start of a bright, creative new firm, free to experiment, free to dare, free even to remain accessible to everyone.

Over the years, Slamp has become an authentic guiding light for all top level designers looking for somewhere to express their innovative and visionary energy, certain of being able to match themselves against the most famous names and products.

In 2007 Nigel Coates joined the company bringing his professionalism as Art Director and continuing a process that has seen Slamp become one of the most representative brands in the world of decorative lighting design. Nearly 20 years later, with distribution channels in 80 countries worldwide and the collaboration of new international designers such as architect Zaha Hadid, Slamp remains faithful to its core values: the curiosity for new materials and experimentation, the ability to be led by instinct, which is the youngest and most creative force of all, and the pleasure of providing anyone with a refined, functional item of design.