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Rotaliana has been producing lamps since 1989 in the productive district of Mezzolombardo in Trentino. Rotaliana’s lamps are the result of creativity and innovation. They are born from the knowhow rooted in the territory, and from the company’s strong international character. Rotaliana is open to international markets and to collaborations with designers coming from very different countries and professional backgrounds: Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda, and Design Master Andrea Branzi from Italy; Jae Kyu Lee from Korea; Toyo Ito, from Japan and an important figure on the international scene of architecture; and Camilla Diedrich, a versatile Swedish artist.

Nevertheless, Rotaliana draws its energy from the strong bond it has with the Italian region of Trentino, a region in which research and the culture of production are deeply rooted, and which engendered Rovereto’s Mart Museum of Modern Art, and Trento’s I.R.S.T. research centre. Rotaliana’s collection is composed of “normal” typologies and of “exceptional” objects. Rotaliana’s research is focused on a “new way of shedding light on things”: not content with merely giving an emotional dimension to its products, Rotaliana believes in the need to provide useful and functional solutions for all types of settings, exciting with reason.

This idea does not follow any trends since it is focused on the future. The lamps produced by Rotaliana are the result of an “enlightened company”, which does not associate design to luxurious productions for the “elite”, for the few, but rather to “exceptional” products proposed to a broad and international public. To play with words, Rotaliana’s way of designing light could be described as an “experimental enlightenment”. This way of feeling reclaims the Enlightenment legacy, dealing with ethic matters and technical scientific innovation. It is the heritage of a European thinking that was born at the same time as the first studies on magnetism and on electric phenomena was and developed the enlightening principles of knowledge, progress and work, having faith in a bright future.