Founded in 1975, Penta has now distinguished itself in the furniture market for the originality of its proposal: to produce and market accessories essential to the decoration of the house. But the belief that being successful meant to offer excellent quality, along with an attractive design and recognizable, has prompted the company to specialize in one of the fields originates: the lighting. 

Since then the development of Penta has not stopped, making come right in the small number of leading companies in the industry.
Throughout the years, the collection has evolved proposal, while keeping intact the characteristics that make it different and therefore exclusive: quality, elegance, functionality and brilliant combination of materials used.

Fundamental to this purpose, the extreme specialization of production, the continuous exchange of know-how and technical designers and strict quality control. Experience, quality, reliability and extreme control of the product at each stage of His creation, they also allowed Penta to establish themselves in the field of contract. Over the decades, numerous projects have been developed and manufactured by the company for hotels, restaurants, and other vessels intended for collective reality. 

Spite Penta is a well-established brand, continues his research both in terms of production, taking advantage of designers and engineers always more specialized know how to combine the image perfectly constructive, both in terms of the service provided, so accuracy and timeliness.