Patrizia Volpato is the founder and art director of the company. She worked in a glass blowing workshop in Venice during her teenage period.  In 1980, Patrizia established a lighting company called Lamp. In 2009 the company’s name was changed officially to Patrizia Volpato.

Recent years, responding to customer’s requirements and creativity nature, Patrizia Volpato starts to realize more and larger scale lighting installation which expresses ultimately the craftsmanship of Venetian masters and innovative design.

Today, after more than 40 years of practice in lighting industry, the idea of carrying forward the glass crafting tradition integrating with new materials and Italian design has become the core value of the company. “If you can imagine it, we can make it happen”. This is the slogan called by all Patrizia Volpato’s bespoken creations. Every single piece is specially designed, handcrafted and one of a kind.

Patrizia Volpato follows step by step the design and the development of its creation and ensures quality, security and uniqueness: this new point of view allow taking part to the design of environments, important public and private buildings for citizens and celebrity too.