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The Italian based company Oty Light represents the modern-age, Italian lighting equipments. Most of their masterpieces are created with hand-blown glass which adds an elegant illumination to any kind of indoor space. This company was initially founded by Eugenio Pamio in 1960 and was later-on passed to his two sons as a family inheritance. Andrea and Simone Pamio took over the company and continued to produce contemporary designs of residential & commercial lighting fixtures. They are divided into 2 branches namely: Oty Décor which includes a range of unique and stylishly designed lighting solutions for residential properties and Oty Tech which makes use of innovative lighting products that can be used for commercial businesses and office interiors. Their Light Company has introduced a vast range of products that offer flawless illumination for all kinds of indoor spaces. Kioto, Pop, Tim, Jek, Mida & Borg series are considered to be the most well-known and popular designs by the company so far.