The beginning of what is Orion today goes back to 1948. From the modest beginnings of a commercial agency, Orion soon started its own production and has grown to a position of an internationally accepted leading manufacturer of high- quality lighting fixtures regardless which style.

Orion has satisfied numerous customers and settled projects of every dimension successfully. With a total of 15,000 sqm sales floor and more than 20,000 lighting products Orion provides all kinds of lighting fixtures regardless of which style. Company offers a wide range and variety of innovative chandeliers and lighting fixtures.

Orion certified hand-made original products are characterised by premium material, professional workmanship, special surface refinement and longevity.  Orion implements individual lighting concepts by co-operating with architects as well as interior designers. The character of the object and the environment is taken into account.  Products generated from Orion refurbish apartments and villas as well as big, famous commercial buildings. Worldwide.