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Modern style, essential lines and functionality do not require special effects.  Murano Luce is by name and by deed, a combination of cutting-edge glass working techniques and the most in-depth stylistic research in the field of design. The aesthetic appeal of light and its colour properties is conveyed with a focus on functionality. There are no frills or intricate details: only lines, areas of light and continuously new application-oriented solutions. 

Fine craftsmanship makes Murano Luce a clearly minimalist and sophisticated brand. Its product lines surprise with their simplicity, versatility and delightful ability to always provide elegance. Murano Luce shows that glass and metal surfaces are the best decorative materials. In-depth research into material quality is accompanied by the use of colour, providing an opportunity to escape from day-to-day life and introducing a truly new effect for this market sector.

After thirty years' experience in the Italian lighting sector, with the takeover by LIGHT4, Murano Luce acquires new appeal and identity.