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Multiforme Lighting works as the specialized firm in the realization of custom artistic illumination, Venetian glass chandeliers and luxury lighting. The formal and functional research, the cultural elaboration, the taste for the project and the study of the design allows Multiforme to be appreciated on the market with outstanding, innovative and impeccable solutions. The firm is constituted by a group of experienced professionals involving technical, creative, graphics, coordinating an entourage of collaborators for handicraft workmanships, mechanics, glassy and artistic.

Multiforme conjugates the search of technical and formal innovation with the accuracy of the workmanships, in the tradition of the best Made in Italy.
Particular relief is conferred to the rediscovery of the handicraft techniques of the Murano glass chandeliers, performed by Murano artisans. Multiforme lighting is able to entirely follow all the productive phases: from the elaboration of the project, up to the realization of the complete work, with relative technical tests and normative certifications. Every proposal is managed up to the complete installation and also with constant assistance in the time.