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Molto Luce – a business whose passion has been pertained to light since its foundation in 1981, whose challenge holds the balance between light and dark, whose claims have been focussing on the conjunction of functionality and design from the beginning. A business that creates illuminating trends and forms them with its concepts, products and services.
In doing so the holistic view of living and working spaces takes the centre stage. The result of all acts is the skilful coordination of well thought-out lighting concepts, customer wishes, architectural guidelines and light parameter.

The key-factors for the company´s success always have been the high quality- and design thinking, the strong customer focus but also the willingness for change. Especially the 2002 made decision to start with the designing and producing of own lighting series has been a clear signal and an important step into the future.

Further impulses have been the foundation of a distribution company in Germany and according to that the opening of the offices Cologne as well as the flagship store in Munich.
Today Molto Luce counts 270 employees at five company locations and is well-known as a successful lighting specialist and as a reliable project-partner. Numerous national and international first class reference projects prove impressively the high performance and creativity of the company named Molto Luce.