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Founded about seven years ago MAXlight is a Poland-based company providing both classic and unique lighting solutions at a competitive price.  MAXlight is the lighting solutions branch of Poland's leading interior decoration retailer MaxFliz. MaxFliz has been operating in Poland for more than twenty years and is now rapidly expanding throughout the European market. Initially specialised in bathrooms, the company's large showrooms (4500m²+) now cover most other interior design areas, including kitchens, living rooms, bed rooms and lighting solutions. 

In addition to proposing some of the most prestigious interior equipment and decoration brands to its clients, MaxFliz developed its own line of lamps and lighting fixtures: MAXlight. MAXlight was launched about seven years ago and is now amongst the company's most rapidly growing business segment. The MAXlight product range offers more than 500 references with a clear emphasis on LED and halogen solutions for greater energy-efficiency.