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Since Lumina started in 1975, its suppliers have been selected from a wide range of craftsmen which make Italy famous for. Lumina suppliers are based only in Italy. Today, all Lumina products are proudly manufactured inside the factory in Arluno (Milano), under internal quality control. Lumina selects directly from the raw materials to the design of new products.

Lumina has always paid attention to the requests of the clients and have always offered the possibility to customize its lights. In the last years, the excellent relationship with interior designers, architects and specifies has increased Lumina presence in this field. Lumina success is due to the high quality skills of its team, supported by local craftsmen and suppliers, offering the best of Made in Italy.

The company Lumina promotes and contributes to the prestige and quality of Italian style throughout the world. 90% of Lumina's light fittings are available in 35 foreign countries. Some of the most famous museums worldwide show Lumina designs.