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Lumen Center Italia is a place of “making”, where experience and innovation combine to create excellence in lighting. It is a place where continuous research has lead to experimentation in new lighting solutions in order to guarantee products with high performance and low energy consumption.

Lumen Center Italia is a company which produces light fittings since 1976. It is a large workshop which, in its pursuit of excellence, facilitates designers, architects, engineer’s technicians and craftsmen to bring to fruition designs inspired by the heart and imagination but always guided by the requirements of functionality. 

Lumen Center Italia is an Italian manufacturer with a cosmopolitan outlook which for the design of its products follows strict procedures, receptive to contemporary thinking with strong cultural and aesthetic roots. Lumen Center Italia is, and intends to continue to be, an Italian showcase for design in which luminaires are prototyped, tested and manufactured entirely in Italy. A true exponent of the best of Made in Italy. Trustworthy, approachable and open minded manufacturers of objects of real value for the homes of today and tomorrow.