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In the province of Siena, near Florence, situated in the heart of Tuscany, Lamp International was founded over thirty years ago. A lighting fixture manufacturer subsequently dedicated its production line to beds, tables, chairs and accent furniture. Only in 1995 was Lamp International born, a company that bases its production to the use of decorative elements and handcrafted metals and crystals that are joined to the latest design, are able to satisfy the new requirements but being always in line with the times. 

Thanks to the attentive selection of raw materials and the care in details that they have been able to create objects of great prestige and satisfy every type of request. For Lamp Internatonal "illuminate" means to create a living environment with style and a design that makes every space welcoming and unique. 

The key word is "creativity" in search and approach of geometric elements, playing of rhythmic curves and straight lines that keep in mind linearity style: preciousness of fine glass, sinuous and precious line decorations that weave elegance and set design that recalls baroque style. They have an encounter between "old and new", between traditional and innovative in a search of harmony for a complete selection, easily matched with each environment, for a conscious selection.