The Company is specialized in the lighting field offering quality products in accordance with all different requirements. All production phases are kept under the company direct control and this is the first essential "plus" of the Lampade Italiane by SiL Lux global quality.

From the assembling process to the final quality control, all is done in a perfect harmony between the man work and the precision of the machine. Lampade Italiane  stands always out for its quality products of a recognizable style and is highly regarded for the great attention paid to detail of the material and finishing selected and used.

Lampade Italiane  is characterized by the particular sensitivity for the interpretation of the new "good living" forms: the modern collections express restrained elegance, balance, attractive appearance without any renunciation of the highest functionality and the quality of the components. Simple lines and highly expressive tone and give dignity to the lighting, which don't introduce extreme experiments but offer to the client a wide and reasoned aesthetic solutions. The lamps Lampade Italiane are controlled in every phase of the process: the components are made in our factory and quality standards are verified and monitored with assiduous attention.