People are at the centre of LAM business. LAM Export collections are conceived to fully furnish the home: entrance, kitchen, dining room, lounge, bedrooms and bathroom. For each interior, LAM designs with the customer in mind and at the centre of our intentions.

The collections are conceived for precise customer targets. But the young target, as LAM sees it, is not determined by an age bracket. Young is for those who feel young, whatever their age. It is a matter of style - shapes, colours, dimensions and operating functions are the characteristics LAM Export takes into consideration. Thinking of people means also having the safety factor at heart. LAM manufactures its products only in Italy, using certified materials which comply with precise standards and regulations. 

LAM means friendliness towards the environment because the planet belongs to everyone and LAM wants to give its contributions towards building a cleaner world. Today LAM Export products can be found in leading stores in Italy and in over 40 countries worldwide.