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Kartell was created in 1949 and boasts 60 years of history, masterfully recounted through a product line unique for its variety and originality, composed of objects that express the language and atmosphere of the period in which they were created, but at the same time, are absolutely contemporary, and bear many other values and messages. All this has made them an integral part of the domestic landscape.

The products are multifunctional and cross-sectional, easy to use and with undeniable visual appeal. Colours, irony, and a feast for the senses, transparency effects and unique shapes for unique items: Kartell products are immediately recognized worldwide for the excitement they create, their durable functionality and undisputed quality. The continuous evolution in how we use materials and experimentation with new technologies to discover new properties are fundamental in developing Kartell products, both in terms of its quest for functionality and for the development of new aesthetic qualities. Thanks to this constant search, Kartell has been able to introduce glazing, transparency, flexibility, weather resistance, softness and touch.
The company focuses its activity on two fronts: LABWARE, laboratory materials, and HABITAT, dedicated to furniture, accessories and lighting (successfully reintroduced in the catalogue in 2000). Today, Kartell exports 75% of its sales to 96 countries around the world.

In its 60 years of activity, Kartell has won an enviable string of prestigious international awards, including nine Compasso d’Oro prizes (the most recent were awarded to the Mobil chest of drawers in 1995 and the Bubble Club sofa in 2001). In 2000, the Guggenheim Museum dubbed the Kartell Museum the “best industrial museum”.