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ISAAC Light is the line of lamps sold by Isaac Glass, which deals since 1974 in the hand-craftsmanship of glass and crystal components for the lighting.

Crystal making is an art, combining it with structures characterized by a linear and refined design also. There are an infinity of shapes and possibilities for combining them to create unique, highly personalized objects in accordance with today's trend lifestyle that is to organize the space in an essential way in order to achieve harmony thanks to the simplicity of straight lines. In fact ISAAC Light has projected a modern line using totally handmade crystal with faceted shapes that multiply the irradiation of the light. Their elegance rises from the natural crystal's transparency and from the choice of steel for the structure that make them essential interior decorating protagonists.

Light, strong, crystalline and transparent, always brilliant is the exceptional decorative design in optic crystal that ISAAC Light proposes to a new kind of customer that looks for modern objects, classic in their design and realized with Italian pure creativity.