IDL (Italian Design Lighting) was formed in 1987 from the merger of ideas of two associates, Lino Feltrin and Antonio Piva, who decided to apply their knowledge and experience to launch a manufacturing facility for interior decorative lighting. Over the years, the firm has been managed in an artisan way, thus enabling it to create exclusive and highly prestigious designs which evolve in step with the firm itself.

Today IDL is a leader in lighting and is renowned for the exclusivity of its designs. IDL aims to satisfy a select and demanding range of clients and, in so doing; IDL maintains the highest production and technical standards throughout all operations.

IDL secret lies in the hand-made and artisan approach which is a hallmark of the Made in Italy stamp. These are the key principles which have always driven this company. You can thus be assured of the quality, uniqueness, creativeness and design values in all production. IDL’s design team is ever watchful of evolving market trends. Through continuous and accurate market research, it interprets differing precepts of lighting, thus enabling IDL to hone all technical, aesthetic and stylistic aspects in order to satisfy the demands of an exacting clientele.

The creation of the new brands DOLCE VITA Luxury Lighting and LUCE da VIVERE Living Lighting is the result of a strong creative thrust at IDL. Now, in addition to IDL historic CLASSIC Light and Style range, IDL offers a broad, complete and original selection of lights which are the embodiment of absolute prestige and fine living.