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In 1926 Dr. Ph. Giona Moscatelli establishes in Milan the firm which today is owned and directed by the 3rd generation of the family. In the fifties the firm becomes a joint stock company and from a small workshop it becomes a leader in the classic lighting production. Its products are characterized by sophisticated details and craft work done by hand with old procedures that make them unique. G. Moscatelli specializes in the production of chandeliers, ceiling fixtures, sconces, table and standard lamps in the various antique styles.

Precious craft skills, like French sand casting, chasing, lost wax casting, create valuable pieces of art, style and high quality standard. Production of special custom made items is enabled by a wide range of exclusive models and by high flexibility in production for an ample choice of sizes and colours. The choice of pendants and crystal trimming also ranges from Swarovski elements to Swarovski spectra, from Bohemia cut crystal to Italian half-cut crystal, achieve a perfect sparkle and brightness for this lighting of ancient charm.