Fontana Arte has a long history which is what makes their product so exclusive and renowned. The company was formed in 1932 by Gio Ponti, as an artistic division in the company Luigi Fontana, historically, the company leader in advanced glass manufacturing and design. By using glass, architect Poni realized what an enormous potential this material could offer in the making of furnishing complements for interiors. Urged by this intuition, he started to design and produce furniture, lamps and objects with glass as the main distinguishing feature. His new design concept was being used as a complement to the interior decoration of many houses that he personally designed.

Seventy five years on and they are still among the most exclusive and respected companies in the world. With a history of collaborating with respected designers and architects Fontana Arte has remained at the pinnacle of the glass and lighting industries. Constantly evolving and including new companies and designers it is no wonder that Fontana Arte is a mark of quality and design.