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The FBAI (Fonderia Bronzi Artistici Italia) chandelier casting factory was established in Italy in 1966 and from the very beginning drew inspiration from traditional workmanship, the loyal guardian of the most elegant and sought-after expressions of Italian handicrafts.

The accuracy of the details of its castings, which call to mind the skill of master artists, makes its productions precious and almost unique. Today its chandeliers and lamps are highly esteemed the world over. By examining and touching the finished bronze, one senses all the work, effort and mastery that go into transforming a blank ingot of metal into a splendid chandelier, the final furnishing accessory. Each chandelier and lamp is an original model made inside the factory.

FBAI starts with an idea, an insight, which the FBAI modelers first set down on paper and then make by modeling piece by piece. Casting is the next step, perhaps the most fascinating and difficult part because it is carried out using various methods that are chosen each time in order to best highlight the most refined details. Of all these types of castings, FBAI often uses the technique called "investment casting". It is one of the most complex and elaborate methods used for casting the metal into an artistic object. Lastly, each casting is adorned with precise gilding.