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Luci Italiane with its brands Evi Style and Morosini, produces interior lighting articles since 1986 offering its customers two different product ranges: contemporary classic and modern design. Faithful to the “Made in Italy” tradition, the company things, experiments and produces in Italy as direct evidence of a constructive pride and knowledge and of aesthetics that add value to our products.

Moreover Luci Italiane researches and pursues an eco-friendly policy at every stage of the production process, from the choice of dyes to packaging materials that can be fully recycled. Company has always set it selves the goal to guarantee a high -quality workmanship that became its point of pride.

All Luci Italiane collections focus on design evolution and the need for aesthetic emotion of clients who want to distinguish themselves in taste, quality and refinement.

Company’s concept of research and its designers’ philosophy merge with handcrafted experience and the constant research of new innovative solutions; through the thorough study of product details and the emotions that they generate.