The lamps Egoluce are, first of all, easy and safe. In the first years of its existence (Italian company Egoluce was founded in 1978), the factory produced lighting devices for home interiors. However, soon it began to produce light equipment, which can be widely adopted.

Today the company's production has two main areas: technical and decorative light. The luminaires Egoluce are notable for modern design, a variety of materials and light sources. This makes it possible to use these lamps in living interiors and in public places: offices, hotels, shops, restaurants, museums, educational, sports and health institutions. One line of lamps Egoluce with the protection from water and moisture is designed especially for bathrooms.

For already 30 years the masters of this company are creating high-quality lighting devices. Products Egoluce has СЕ mark and satisfy all the requirements of European safety standards. The company has a slogan that reflects its mission and goal: «Egoluce - the ideal partner to meet your lighting requirements, and quality is the main aim of the company."

Egoluсe works together with famous designers, architects and artists. This makes it possible to realize new lighting ideas and to promote new technologies. Excellent quality-price ratio makes the products of Egoluce needed on market: lamps of this factory can be found in the interiors around the world.