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Carlesso was founded in 1960 when a manual ability, an artisan's attention to details and a masterful touch were "the way of doing things", so already the reason of an announced success. But the secret of those who well know their job lies in perceiving changes and adapting their own experience to current necessities.

The second generation, in fact, has lead the company on the binary of modernity, market new value spotting and new product concept with no loss of aptitude for the attention to details and quality. The act has turned into choice; the wish of new into market and shape research and therefore a new way of doing things has become a new corporate philosophy.

Design, shape, material research and the care of product realization are all concepts passed on with different definitions and translated into contemporary language. Glass, metal, fabric, light and the ambiences are becoming the means of new "Made in Italy" expression of creating illumination always linked with masterful touch already learnt by then.

Carlesso nowadays has a catalogue open to all international markets and which recognises to the company a strong personality and underlines the design originality, attention to details and quality of manufacture. The flexibility is the strength, which allows the company to take care of standard products, contract and custom made products with considerably prestigious realizations.