Cappellini was founded in 1946 by Enrico Cappellini in the Brianza region, north of Milan. Cappellini started as a furniture maker specializing in wooden furniture and case goods. After Enrico’s son, Giulio joined the company, bringing a passion for art & design, Cappellini has gone through a fantastic evolution placing the company at the forefront in the world of design and furnishings.

Featuring a collection marked by creativity & expertise combined with a passion for experimentation and the new, Cappellini has realised the dreams of several leading international designers. Cappellini is truly eclectic within the contemporary sector allowing the simplicity of Jasper Morrison’s work co-exists with the flamboyance of Marcel Wanders.

The products of Cappellini are never boring neither absurd, but always possess something of life and light, often humorous while proposing brave and dynamic formal solutions: these are also the characteristics that make the Cappellini collection full of vivacious fractures and contradictions. Cappellini bravely continues to work with designers all over the world with conflicting sensibilities that don't define a ‘Cappellini style,’ but compete to form a balanced and convincing collection.

Cappellini’s collections are known for tapping new trends and far-flung talents; often described as a 'tutti-frutti' affair, with minimalism offered up alongside pop fashion, technology, and amoebic forms. Cappellini's collections include works by Marc Newson, Jasper Morrison, Tom Dixon, the Erwan & Ronan Bouroullec and Dror Benshetrit.  Cappellini is proud to have 18 pieces included in the permanent Design Collection at the Museum of Modern Art.