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With almost 30 years of background experience, BC San Michele manufactures a wide range of interior lighting fittings and furnishings designed for every solution. With accuracy and skilled know-how, BC San Michele creates articles in classical, modern or contemporary styles, obtaining a refined and flexible market product.
All components and materials are carefully selected in order to guarantee both high quality and top service. For the classical line, the structure consists of brass parts which are firstly artistically shaped by hand and then chrome-plated, gilded with 24 kt gold or burnished by the in-house galvanic plant. All items are completed with high quality crystals, glasses and accessories.

The strong research in the use of stainless steel is due to ten long years of experience in producing furnishings for third party customers. Aesthetics and durability of this metal, combined with high technical specialization in its manipulation, have made BC San Michele an important reference point for big industries in this field. Therefore, it is highlighted the capability to produce items on design and made to measure, offering both the experience in the field and its production flexibility, which is due to the highly qualified staff and to the use of the most advanced technology and equipment, as laser cutting plants and folding presses. BC San Michele owns an internal galvanic plant that enables to finish the metal parts with 24 kt. Gold gilding, chrome plating, nickel plating and burnishing.

BC San Michele doesn't offer only products, but also a complete service of out-and-out interior design solutions: not only the lighting fitting is supplied, but also all those items and processing needed to realise an interior design project. All this without losing sight of its main aim: fusing elegance and technique to obtain a refined product, designed for different solutions.